Another little project

It seems I can’t leave anything alone I have to have a project. I don’t do the manual labor anymore I just come up with the idea and hire out the work. This time it is an extension of the patio to make the surface more comfortable to walk on and place furniture. Here are a few photos of the beginning of the project.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI think it will improve the use of the patio and make walking from the car to the house easier!

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4 thoughts on “Another little project

  1. Should reduce mud during the rainy season

    • Our “Rainy Season” consists of maybe two or three showers a year on this side of the peninsula. Once every three or four years we get a good downpour and that causes some flooding for a day. The reason I’m extending the patio is to make it more comfortable for walking and placing furniture the present gravel is uncomfortable to walk on and furniture doesn’t sit level, also the dust. San Felipe is a small fishing town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez it is where the desert meets the sea. it is dry and warm most of the year with January and February being coldest and July and August being the hottest and most humid. Most Gringos leave for the summer months I and a few others stay all year round with short visits to the Pacific Ocean side to get out of the heat. I plan to spend most of August on the Pacific side this year.
      I hope you’re keeping well.

  2. Sue

    Julia I really enjoy your blog & all your projects,your beach house is so awesome,would you consider renting it for a month to 2 retired women?

    • Sorry this house is not for rent, but I know of others that are, send me your email at (I put “at” instead of a @ to fool hackers) and I’ll send you the contact info about others here at Pete’s Camp San Felipe Baja California! Do understand this is a small town on the Gulf of California about 150 miles south of the border with the US. The summers here are hot and humid most gringos leave for the summer except a few folks like me who have adapted to the summer weather. I wish you well

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