I have many projects

I have two projects at my house in San Felipe. One is getting the airstream trailer updated so guests can stay in it and the other is the garden wall between my neighbor to the south of me which it seems I am the project manager of that construction. Then there is the house in Punta Banda just south of Ensenada. I have several projects there. Project one is to repair and paint the deck on the beach side of the house. Project two is to replace the wood on the driveway gate and fix the wooden door to the front patio. Project three is repairing the front patio deck or removing it. Then there is the trash that has to be hauled away.  I almost forgot I also have to get the termite man back as something is eating the wood in the laundry/storage room.

When I was retiring I was so worried that I would have nothing to do with all the vacant time on my hands. It seemed like I was always at work or going to work or coming home from work that I had very few hobbies that I could enjoy. I owned a sailboat but didn’t get to use it much. Now I’m as busy as ever.

Last night just off the beach here at the house in Punta Banda there were at least two big fishing boats at work with their lights on. They worked all night and even this morning as the sun came up they were still at work fishing.


The wooden handrails look nice and sturdy too. I met another neighbor his name is Rick and he lives across the street with four dogs he has been here fourteen years. That is two neighbors I have met Dusty and Rick.

Now if the Glass man shows up with the window glass and the handyman shows up today will have done better than I expected I already have had the Gasman show up and put some LP Gas in the Gas tank I was down to 5%, not a good thing to run so low on gas.

Time for lunch so I’ll close now. Write will write more later.

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One thought on “I have many projects

  1. mapoa

    So glad you are still in mexico and keeping us all informed on your life there Also that you are not sitting round like like a potato like some people i know up in san francisco ca – who have retired – would you believe! Anyway wishing you the best of health and vibrant life happy new year!!

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