Looking for a summer place

During the summers San Felipe can get very hot and humid so I am looking for somewhere to spend the summer months of June, July, August and September. Just by happenstance I found out about a house in a small community in the mountains about an hour and a half from San Felipe. This community is called San Matias and it is at an elevation of about 3000′ and surrounded by mountains there is a school a church some small stores andĀ restaurants. Nearby is a small town with grocery stores, hardware stores, a pharmacy, gas station, restaurants, hotel and other shops.

Today I went there to visit friends who have lived there for two years and look over the house. I have visited there before and there was nothing for sale I was interested in. This time I liked the house and the gardens. The house is in good shape well laid out and totally furnished. Buying the house has complications as the sons are selling for their mother and the documentation for the property may be lacking in some legal aspects so next week we get to talk to a lawyer about how this transaction could take place. I took some photos and here they are.

The house comes with an RV trailer that sleeps 2 or three, raised bed gardens with automatic watering system a workshop, storage shed, and a wood stove. There are AC units in each room. There is enough parking space for several vehicles and the road to the property is in good condition. Water is provided by a community well. Telephone and Electric service is installed. There is a newer septic system. The garden has many producing fruit trees and I’m told the location is very good for growing fruits and vegetables. The neighbors are a kindergarten on one side and a health clinic on the other side, to the rear are neighbors who have lived there for years. The lot is fenced with chain link fencing in decent shape. We’ll see if this deal goes through I would like to spend my summers there gardening in the cooler mountain air.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for a summer place

  1. Debra

    It is always exciting to be thinking about something different for part of the year. For my husband and I, we are looking forward to San Felipe for three months starting in Feb. and leaving behind the rotten Winter we have been having in BC, Canada. I can imagine that summers in the mountains would be really nice. I hope it works out for you.

    • I love to garden and this little village the gardening is excellent almost anything will grow there and it seems to be peaceful most of the year. Welcome to San Felipe you’ll find lots of your countrymen and women here already enjoying the winter in Mexico.

  2. It is a great little village. Rick was just there a few days ago with Kiki. He has property there with trailers.They escape the heat there also. Good Luck & Enjoy. J.J. at Kiki’s

    • That’s interesting that Kiki has a place in San Matias. I sure hope this deal goes through these things can get complicated very fast. I hope your stay is a pleasant one.

  3. Looks like a place you would enjoy, hope it works out the way you want.

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