The Recovery Continues (?)

Today makes one month post surgery and I still feel like crap; random pain especially at night, sweats at odd times and very tired at times except when I’m trying to go to sleep. I am suffering a little depression which is supposed to be common of those who have had by-pass operations. I think it is from a lengthy healing process and being restricted in activities that were common before the operation. I still can’t drive or pick up things over six pounds and that I tire easily makes for a very dull life as I spend a lot of time taking naps to recover from doing almost nothing.

Tomorrow I have to go north to the “Old Country” to refill my medications so I’ll get a day away from the house, but I’ll be very tired by the end of the day. I’m sure my back will be giving me lots of pain by the time the day is done. I just hope that ALL the medications are filled and filled correctly and for the right amount. I’ve had problems before with my medication orders so I have to double-check every time.

I have been told that it can take up to six months to totally recover from this operation; by then I’ll be certifiably nuts, drooling and making absolutely no sense what so ever probably sitting in a corner babbling to myself or playing with my pajama strings.

Thank goodness I have friends who put up with me and go out of their way to drive me places that takes up their whole day. I feel sad that I’m taking up their time from their lives.



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5 thoughts on “The Recovery Continues (?)

  1. Ahhh…. Playing the drama queen are we? 🙂 It is times like this I wish we were still together, hate knowing you are down. At least I could listen and would always have been happy to drive. See if one of your friends would like to stay over, have dinner and sleep in a hotel that night so you can try and avoid back pain. All my best wishes as always.

    Love Sam

    • The blues, are expected in the recovery process went to the “Old Country” today for pills and shopping and I feel less tired than the last time I went that far in a car. I take that as improvement ! The forced isolation and the constant tiredness with occasional pain makes for a sad ol’ lady ! Today was special I got out of the house for the whole day got to interact with people and see something other than TV and four walls.

  2. My grandfather, who lived to be 100 years old despite smoking several packs of unfiltered cigarettes each day, used to say “what’s the f****ing alternative?” when asked about his health issues in later life.
    I get that your recovery is slow, I have heard that’s the nature of having your chest cut open and your heart rebuilt. Kind of amazing that this can be done.
    Wishing you the best, old friend.

  3. Thanks for your comments now and then I have the blues (to be expected) Today was mostly good 🙂 Went to the “Old Country” today and I’m not as tired as I was the last time, that’s progress!

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