Signed up for Spanish Immersion Class

I have, once again, committed myself to learn Spanish. I have signed up for a class in Guadalajara that is full immersion supposedly no english spoken. I just took a test for class placement and promptly failed it, so now I’m dropped down to a lower level. I’m supposed to receive another test in email and we’ll see how that goes. The plan I signed up for is a month long course at I. M. A. C.  a well known Spanish language school. I will be staying at a local inn four blocks from school in Guadalajara. My concerns are that I’ll be in over my head, in a class full of smart energetic college students or smart, sharp business professionals and I’ll be the only less than stellar student. I’ll write weekly posts on my experiences while at the school.

I also plan to spend a few weeks in Lake Chapala to get a feel for the place once again and see if it is a fit for me. I may look for a house to rent for the summer to look over the area at a more leisurely pace before committing to moving there. The weather is a big draw for me as it doesn’t have the cold winters like Baja has and it doesn’t have the hot humid summers that San Felipe has. Also San Felipe is close to the border and if I need anything up north or to visit family it is only a day’s drive. Also I have lots of friends in San Felipe and I would miss them dearly, there is a lot to consider between the two places before making a decision.

Today I spent a little personal time getting a manicure. Before I leave for Guadalajara I will get my hair and feet done so I’ll look and feel good for my new adventure. Here is a photo my me getting my nails done at my favorite shop in San Felipe.


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4 thoughts on “Signed up for Spanish Immersion Class

  1. Just enjoy and not worry about pass or fail. What can happen get fired from your job?? 🙂

    • LOL, your reply is a good one 🙂 The only one who can fire me is …. me! I’ll do my best and go with the flow. I just checked out where they have me staying and it is hostel at least I have my own room, I hope!
      It looks like a funky cheap place they do have some sort of breakfast in the morning, even if it is only toast and coffee it will be welcome. I hope there is no bed bugs 🙂 I of course will blog all about it with photos! It should be an adventure !

  2. I’m sure you will do well. I’m surprised you didn’t learn Spanish in your former employment.

    • I learned only basic spanish not enough for my needs as a full time resident of Mexico. All official business with Customs has to be done in english that’s the law. Dealing with the traveling public we used a small vocabulary and any prolonged investigation or interrogation was done by an official interpreter. I sure hope I do good I don’t want my ego bruised too much 🙂

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