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End of May update

Been busy as usual with chores; such as getting the truck repaired I had the mechanics replace the heater core and fan, repair the battery hold down device. The air-conditioning just went out so it will go back in the shop tomorrow to get that repaired. I bought a picture made of Mexican tile in Ensenada and I had a man (Jose) cement it on the house for me, photo below.

Tonight my friends and neighbors went out to dinner this evening at the Camp Cantina to wish one of our neighbors (Deb) goodbye as she is headed north for a visit for a while. This is something we do on our street when someone leaves for a while. Photo of the dinner is also below.

If it seems like I eat out a lot, it is true I do. I find that I can afford to eat out more her in Mexico and the food is delicious well prepared and the company is wonderful there never seems to be any lack of conversation. I feel free to go out for breakfast and or lunch and still can go out to dinner a couple of times a week. I know I’m spoiled 🙂


Such a lovely evening we dinned out on the patio !

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