I’m pleased

with the fireplace, so far, as I sit here enjoying the flames. I had a gas line constructed so I could use the gas logs in the fireplace. I bought the logs second hand and didn’t see them work so it was a gamble as to whether they would work or not. I had to rearrange the logs several time to get a pleasing view of the flames. I still need to get the base material to cover the bottom interior of the fireplace, that will be done when I by the material in the “Old Country”.

This evening is a quiet time at home enjoying my PBS programs and playing on the ‘puter. It helps to have little tarts and hot tea after a few glasses of wine and a light supper.

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2 thoughts on “I’m pleased

  1. Sounds like retirement in Mexico is agreeing with you!

    • Indeed retirement in Mexico has been one of my better moves. I have never had such a good social life and been excepted so well. So many people know me and it seems like me. In my previous life I worked way to much and socialized way too little. I have a nice home and wonderful neighbors I hope nothing upsets this pocket of happiness for a long time. Now if I could find a romantic partner that would be even better.

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