CCCCold In San Felipe

The weather here has been cold for us (40’s F), we aren’t used to very cold weather and now and then we get a cold snap in winter and it is uncomfortable. To add to my discomfort my portable gas heater is not working and the new fireplace smokes when the doors and windows are closed. When I open one then the smoke goes up the chimney okay, but that kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the room warm.

I have another portable gas heat a Mister Heater that is supposed to be used for camping. I used it as supplemental heat in my RV. The drawback with it is that it uses 1 lb. canisters and they don’t last long and I don’t have many. I have sent for a hose to attach the Mr. Heater to a 20 lb. tank. It may be here next week. I also bought some gas logs for the fireplace. The reason I’m switching to gas logs is two-fold, the first is they won’t smoke and the second is they won’t stink. The wood I am burning has a bad smell to it as it burns and even the ashes have a bad smell. When I burn this wood in the fire pit there is no problem with the smell because it is outside of the house. When burned inside the house it has an annoying odor and I have to clean up the ashes. It will take a while to get the gas line from my LP tank to the fireplace by then it maybe a lot warmer and I won’t need it. We still could get another cold snap, one just never knows about these things. I got a deal on the gas logs some folks were moving back to the states and wanted to sell theirs and the price was right.

I went to dinner at our Cantina tonight here in Pete’s camp and the Cantina was doing a very good business, seems lots of folks wanted to eat out tonight. Very pleasant company too. I am home now and I have my electric heater buzzing away keeping my feet warm 🙂 I won’t be smiling when I get the electric bill I bet!

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5 thoughts on “CCCCold In San Felipe

  1. Dayton

    You only need to get the chimney hot for it to draw properly. Just leave the door or window open enough for good combustion. It should not take too long.
    A more costly solution is to lengthen the chimney.
    However, you still have to “chase the ghosts out of the chimney. ” Holding lighted newspaper up the chimney is another old trick.

  2. I will trade my snow and 20’s for your 40’s.. My gas heater is working but have to use the electric on in addition to it when temps drop below 30. Now in the third day of snow and cold. I am not a happy camper at the moment. This is 15 to 20 below average, so hoping it changes soon.

  3. Margot Bronski

    It’s been unusually cold here too. Great napping with the cat weather. Margot

  4. We stayed in double digits this morning in Prescott 🙂

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