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Christmas 2014

Christmas morning has finally arrived. I’m just doing little housework chores until it is time to go to the family dinner. After a respectful amount of time there I’ll return to my house in Vail and start packing for the trip back to San Felipe my real home. I’ll update this post later as things progress through the day.

I did get a couple of things done while here. I got a new ceiling fan installed took down another ceiling fan that wasn’t connected to electricity, that’s why it wouldn’t work! Had the electrician fix a light switch that controlled the lights in the dinning area and kitchen so now they work independently. Several things I wanted to do I didn’t because I couldn’t fit in the budget. The will just have to wait until some other time.

Basically I have been bored for most of this visit. Nice to see how the little kids have grown and to see my family, that took about a day. Had fun shopping, had a doctor visit got new medication and had Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Next year I’ll visit for one holiday and make other visits about every three months. Spending a lot of time in Arizona is not that much fun for me, I would rather be in Mexico with my friends and neighbors.

Below are photos of the Christmas tree and the electrician working on the ceiling fan. I’m glad I called an electrician as the wiring in this house has been messed with by the previous owners and I wouldn’t have had a clue how to fix it correctly.


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