Daily Archives: October 4, 2014

Preparing to go to school

Today is for preparation for my trip to Ensenada Baja Mexico to attend Spanish Language School. This is a full immersion type of school-once there one speaks Spanish all the time “no english”. I have never done this before and it sounds difficult. I know enough Spanish to take care of some things but my use of the language is not at a level where I can communicate well.

As usual I barge my way into things and work my way out to the edges. I have no idea if this type of school is good for me to learn Spanish or will it frustrate me and disappoint me. I’ll know in a few days if it is going to work or not. First I have to find the place, I have the directions but reading the directions and driving at the same time is going to be interesting.

I’m packing and I know I’m taking to much I just hope I don’t forget something important. So off I go on another adventure 🙂

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