July 11

The latest update on the house project is that the deal fell through. The owner wanted to up the land rent from $350 to $400 and cut the lease time and I balked and said no. Later the owner called the current lease holder and made an offer for the house the same offer I did. So at least the current occupant got out with some cash in hand.

On another note; I didn’t feel well the other day; tingling in the toes a little nausea and tired. I went to see the local MD and he had me take a EKG and compared it to a previous EKG. There was a difference and he suggested I see my Cardiologist in Tucson for a consultation and possible tests to explain the differences. Of course being a hypochondriac, this has been working on my mind and I’ve decided to go to Tucson and have this checked out. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist on Tuesday afternoon. I needed to go north for refills on my medications anyway so while doing that I’ll go to Tucson and take some tests and see if it is in my head or it is something else.

So now I’m packing the truck up and cleaning out my fridge as I don’t know how long I will be gone. This getting old stuff is a pain in the ass if it isn’t one thing giving you trouble it is another. I make another post when I get to Tucson.

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6 thoughts on “July 11

  1. Bob Sutton

    Good luck with your Doctor’s appointment. Sorry to hear about the house….

  2. Thank you, the house thing doesn’t bother me too much I’ve seen deals slip away before 🙂 Being a bit of a hypochondriac I get worked up about Dr’s visits, tests and such – usually it doesn’t amount to anything yet I get emotional!

  3. Well, at least you’ll get to see your cardiologist before getting your RXs filled and then he tells you to stop taking those and prescribes different drugs instead. Have a safe trip. Will keep you in my prayers.

    Cat Lady in Baton Rouge

  4. Sorry you are not feeling good… I know you would like to stay home ( Mexico ) … good luck with the Dr, will be pulling for you.

  5. Hopefully I’m overreacting and this is a waste of time and energy. Won’t know till I see the Doc on Tuesday. So far the symptoms are vague and I don’t feel like I’m in trouble just that the Mexican Dr. saw a difference in the EKG I had a year ago and one I just had at his office. He suggested I see my Cardiologist so here I am 🙂

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