Rain last night

and today we had more rain. This is big news here in San Felipe as we don’t get much rain here. It rained hard enough and made enough noise that I got up to check and see if the rain water was coming in anywhere. I was pleased to find it wasn’t coming in the house or across my veranda at all.

I was planning on going north to Calexico tomorrow (saturday), but I’ve changed my mind and will wait till Sunday to go up there and let the road dry out a bit. The construction area is bad enough dry and if it is wet it might be flooded in spots and I don’t want to deal with driving through flooded areas. The reason for going north is to get refills on my prescriptions. Once the refills are in hand I’m good for almost three months.

I am hoping that the rain stops sometime tomorrow so I can safely make my trip north to the “Old Country”.

Rain camera

Rain camera (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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