Social hour and new project

Last night I invited some neighbors over and we sat around the fire and talked and had a few adult beverages. It was a bit cold and windy, but with the charming fire in the chiminea and the alcohol we managed a to pass the time comfortably. It was nice to have some people come over to my house and provide a little hospitality for them, I should do it more often.

Today I went to town for breakfast with the breakfast club. We sat first in the sun to stay warm then it got too warm and some of us moved into the shade to be more comfortable. After breakfast I went to the plant nursery and picked out some vines and a tree for my garden. The tree is to block a neighbor’s night-light and the vines are to provide shade on my veranda and just a little privacy. Next step is to get these plants into the ground. My very nice neighbors came over and pounded the “T” posts into the ground for me so I wouldn’t hurt my back. Nice neighbors eh? I love my neighbors !

New trellis and vine #1

New trellis and vine #1

Trellis and vine #2

Trellis and vine #2


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2 thoughts on “Social hour and new project

  1. your home looks beautirful. You sure have done lots to it. I haven’t seen your post in ages, I was wondering how you were doing. How do you like it there living in Mexico. Crossed my mine a few times as the corrupt government is getting pretty bad here. The Desert and quiet is sounding real good these days. Sharon from Florida.

  2. I’m doing okay getting over a back problem so I still have some pain, but it is getting better. I like fixing up my house and garden it makes me happy to see things grow. I fell in love with the Mexican culture years ago and still find it fascinating. Mexico is the closest most foreign country, more so than even Russia or China or so I am told. I think I will live the rest of my life in Mexico or latin America.

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