Things going well

I spent some time checking on my telephone, electric and water bills and all is going well my automatic payments for telephone/internet and electric are working smoothly. My water bill was high then when I thought about it wasn’t so bad came out to less than $50.00 month while I was gone, so I will have to snivel about something else I guess.

My vehicles are dead the batteries are not accepting a charge so I have contacted my mechanic and he’ll come over and get them started when he has time. I think one tire is ready to be changed out. I pruned trees today and had quite the load of pruning for the dumpster. It seems that the summer storms stimulated growth more than last year.

I had dinner with neighbors last night and it was fun with stimulating conversation and great food. I have been to my favorite restaurant Chumpos twice once for breakfast and then for lunch. Good food, good conversation. It sure is good to be home.

I was worried I had lost my Spanish, it seems to be coming back to me, I’ll review my CD’s and send away for more once that is done. It feels good to get back into the use of Spanish even if I speak it badly.

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One thought on “Things going well

  1. Karen

    Glad you are back and enjoying our Baja Fare!!!! Hope to see you soon. Karen

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