New (to me) truck

Logo - Dodge Ram

Logo – Dodge Ram (Photo credit: Atelier Teee)

I’ve been looking for a truck for weeks and finally found and bought one. I’ve been borrowing the family’s pick up for over a month and I really needed to have my own set of wheels to get things done with the house I am purchasing. I answered an ad on Craigslist about a 1999 Dodge Ram w/extended cab (4 doors) and only 100k on the speed-o-meter. Went to look at it sunday and bought it monday, insured and registered it Tuesday then bought new tires for it and got an oil change Tuesday afternoon. The tires had sidewall cracks; not a good sign and I was worried that I would have a blowout and maybe an accident. Now the baby has new shoes, fresh lubricant Mobile 1, all fluids are up to snuff and she runs good. The people I bought from are immigrating to New Zealand and left this morning to visit relatives in San Francisco then on to New Zealand for the rest of their lives. Here are some photos of my new “old” truck. Not an economical vehicle with 5.9L engine but it could easily pull a small RV trailer 🙂

The white stuff is clear coat that is coming off no big deal.

The white stuff is clear coat that is coming off no big deal.

The truck sports running boards!

The truck sports running boards!

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5 thoughts on “New (to me) truck

  1. You are getting a collection of cars, trucks, and RV’s… Now you need a boat, train, and plane… Good luck with the new house and truck…

  2. Good luck with it.

  3. I’ll need that luck it is still and old truck even if the miles are low for the year!

  4. I just did my MPG check having used the vehicle mostly for city driving (Tucson) I got 14.25 MPG. Not bad for a 5.9L engine and not used to driving it. I’ll take it out on the highway one day and see what I get then.

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