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What a week

I have been sick for a week I had nausea and back pain and I was very tired I could barely get around. I finally dragged my sorry old body over to the local Dr.’s office had some tests done and an x-ray. There was a delay of a few days waiting for a lab culture and it came back today. I have an infection of the kidneys and I am on antibiotic for ten days this drug is very powerful it should take care of the infection. I return to the Dr’s office in fourteen days for another test to see if it is cleared up. If the test comes back good we are done.

The x-ray was revealing I didn’t know I had damage from smoking. No one had ever told me I had any problem; it is not serious and I don’t have a medical problem. The part that concerns me is the x-ray showed I have an aorta aneurysm; a swelling of the aorta the main heart artery if it blows out you’re in dire trouble. This Dr. said that with my low cholesterol level and my blood pressure being under control and that my medical stress test was good I should not have a problem unless it gets bigger. What upsets me is no one has ever mentioned this before-so this will be topic one with my Dr’s when I get back to Tucson!

Easter week in Mexico is like no other and San Felipe is going full blast ! People and vehicles of all types all over the place, Police every where road blocks and even helicopters some say there are sixty-thousand extra people in town! I did a bad thing and paid the price for it. I parked in a no parking zone and went for breakfast with friends at my favorite restaurant when I went to my car to leave I had four cops standing around my car and I had two tickets. Because I have Mexican plates on my car they thought it belonged to some out of towner guy with an attitude. I show up; old, white hair and when asked, for once, I denied I spoke spanish. Only one of the officers spoke english and he was a doll! I swear he could have been in the movies ! He was very polite and professional he explained they had already called the tow truck and that if I paid the tow driver I wouldn’t have my car towed, I would have to go to the Police Station and pay my tickets. I paid off the tow driver $45.00 and he was happy and by paying him off I didn’t have car ruined by his old tow truck and pay an additional fee for storage. I got in my car and went to the Police Station and paid my parking tickets $30.00 and they were very nice and professional also. So for a couple of hours my car was guarded by four police officers and just like the Mayor’s and Governor’s cars. I don’t recommend doing that though it does get costly 🙂

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