Love the Warm Weather

Airstream trailer in Saskatoon, SK, summer 2008

Airstream trailer in Saskatoon, SK, summer 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a few days now the weather has been nice; the temperature has been in the low 70’s and the wind has been reasonable not the howling norther it was last week. I got caught up on my gardening and today I planted a few new flowers. I hope they live and grow. I started my motor home and ran the generator for a while. I was surprised when the generator started on the second try usually it is not so willing to start. Everything ran well and after the motor got to operating temperature I shut everything down. I have to run the motor and generator  for a while to get everything lubricated and loose so when the day comes to motor out of here I can without incident. In a few weeks I’ll need to drive the motor home over to the gasoline station and top the gas tank off to keep the moisture from building up in the tank. I’ll put some additive in the tank first, like stabil or dry gas to help with any potential moisture problems.

Speaking of motor homes I’m thinking of trading in this one for something else. I would like a nice used Airstream trailer but even used ones are expensive if they are in good shape. So I may have to find something else to replace this motor home with and my preference is to go with a trailer of some sort. Trading in the motor home for a trailer would mean buying a truck to pull it which adds to the cost. Getting another motor home is a whole other story as motor homes have their problems and issues as well as trailers do. My favorite motor home is the Lazy Daze with the Mid-bath and king bed in the back. I think the rear lounge that has all the windows and the two sofas that turn into a king bed is a very nice configuration and at 24′ would be small enough to be accommodated in many camp sites where as a class A over 30′ would be not allowed. The odd thing is the miles per gallon for both a class A and a class C are not all that different till you get to the new diesel-powered class C’s and they are very high-priced. So what to do ? Buy a trailer and truck or buy a motor home? I guess I’ll keep on looking until I find something that works for me 🙂

I don’t know what television has become but I turned it on a few minutes ago and panned through the channels and I didn’t find anything that interested me. Usually I can be amused by the news but lately I don’t find that interesting either. One of the news stories that should be playing is about people being accidentally shot at gun shows this weekend and yet very little is said about that. I guess it just isn’t that interesting to the news programmers. The movies that are on are ridiculous, the only good thing about them is that some people who make movies got a job for a while and that means they paid into the system, which is a good thing we need more people paying into the system. I suppose I’ll watch PBS tonight there is an English Drama series on called Downton Abby about an aristocratic english family and their servants and all the goings on there. The story takes place prior to and after World War I, and it is complicated and dramatic. Still I find it hard to be interested; the goings on of the rich and privileged don’t make me love the characters or story line. I’ve been treated ill by those who think they are privileged and because a story about them exposes their problems, ones they made themselves, doesn’t enamor me of their class.

My this has been a long post and still I could go on, but I won’t, I have another story to tell later.

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4 thoughts on “Love the Warm Weather

  1. Barbara goodman

    Can’t wait for the next “story” ,hummm….. How about reading ? I love all the free books on my Kindle from Book Bud, just a thought….

  2. I have the kindle app on my computer and use it all the time as I am a “Book Worm” just need a device that has both Amazon and Barns and Noble apps.

  3. doug

    Downton Abby is well worth a watch if only to appreciate Maggie Smith.

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