Julia’s Adventure

I had dropped my mexican red car off at the mechanic’s to get two rear shocks installed the ones on the vehicle were way past due to be replaced. I walked over to my favorite restaurant and sat with the local gringos and had breakfast with them while passing the time of day with chit-chat. I waited a while before leaving to do some errands as I wanted the bank to be open when I arrived instead of waiting in line. I left the restaurant about 9:30 am and walked to the bank about four blocks away and up hill so I must have been there at 10:15 am and I had to wait for the lady who takes care of gringos to take care of the gringos in front of me. My little business was to make sure that my Mexican account had a high enough balance to pay my electric bill. I have my electric bill automatically deducted every month from my account at the bank. Sure enough there was more than enough money in the account and I proceeded to return to the restaurant the same way I came. As I passed a restaurant/ taco stand a large man was standing in the doorway and he said something to me and I replied in spanish “Buenos Dias” and kept walking. Suddenly there were two huge hands on my shoulders, these things were like hams, and he spun me around like I was on ice! I was surprised and thinking the worst when he asked his friend to take our picture together. I was about to pull out my pepper spray when his friend clicked the photo and he let me go ! He appeared drunk to me but I didn’t smell any alcohol on him and there I was free to go! Bewildered, I made a hasty departure and returned to the restaurant. All the gringos had departed so there was no one to talk to there, across the street there is a business owned by a couple that I have bought things for the house from, they are Americans who have lived here for a long time so I went in and told them my story.

We discussed the man at length and they seemed know about him and his behavior and most likely he was still drunk from the night before and that with my blond hair, sparkly hat, yellow jacket, shiny purse he thought he would get a trophy photo. It was a good thing I didn’t pepper spray him as the police were sure to get involved and as the couple explained they wouldn’t understand my problem because to the police he was giving me a compliment ! Well, it didn’t feel like a compliment to me. No harm was done so I guess I ought to be more alert to drunks in doorways from now on. I was a bit upset with myself for not being more aware of my I sure didn’t expect to get such a compliment at this age! Now I know !

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3 thoughts on “Julia’s Adventure

  1. Barbara goodman

    Omg Julia, at our age we need to be aware, please be careful, it could have been bad, (just my opinion).
    Oh, and on the Airstream, best trailer we ever purchased, never had a problem with it, very comfortable too.

  2. Thanks for the concern …. I was concerned too! It kind of reminded me of my days in Customs at Nogales AZ ! Stuff happens and happens fast, but if you can walk away with as many holes as you cam in with it was a good day! I must admit it added a little zip to my step :-0

  3. Thanks for the info on the airstream too they are beautiful !

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