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The past few days I’ve been busy taking care of some business here; the first thing was to get my car insurance up to date; no problem $150 for liability insurance that covers me in both Mexico and the U.S. Then I checked on my Temporary Resident‘s Visa and the next was to pay for Mexican vehicle registration. I went to my Immigration facilitator’s office and there I found my application was approved and that I had to take it to the Mexican Immigration Office the following day for fingerprints and signature. The following morning I was at the Immigration office early and I was the first one in line. Processing was not complicated and the person processing my application spoke excellent english. After getting fingerprinted and signing several documents I was told it would be another month till I received my visa as it had to go to Mexico city and return.

Today I went to the local Division of Motor Vehicles and paid for my renewed registration and got my tabs for the license plates and a silver seal to place on the windshield. I had to present my Mexican driver’s license and Mexican auto insurance. The government here is getting more strict they even checked my car to make sure it was the right vehicle according to their records, 950 pesos ($76) later I was out the door with my renewed registration and I did it by myself and in Spanish, I didn’t understand every word, but enough to conduct my business. 🙂

Tomorrow I take my car to the mechanic (Juan) and have new shocks installed on my car. I’ll leave my car at his shop and walk over to a restaurant and have breakfast with some of the “Old Gringos” who meet there almost everyday. It seems several restaurants here have their “Old Gringos” that meet at a particular restaurant several times a week for a chat and gather information on living here and to “chew the fat”.

And so it goes.

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