A visit to the “Old Country”

That is what I call the USA. I needed to go to the bank and I wanted to apply for the border crossing card passport too. I also needed / wanted to do some shopping. My left foot is sore from the shoes I’ve been wearing and I thought a different pair of shoes maybe a bit wider might relieve what ever is aggravating my foot and give me some peace. I think from wearing flip-flops and sandals all summer my feet have gotten wider. So, now I have some very ugly but wide shoes to wear.

I did put in for my passport card it was simple I just hope I did it right if all goes well I’ll have my new card and will be able to use the “Ready” lane at the new(er) border crossing at Calexico and maybe shorten my wait time to cross the border. At least that is the plan.

I did my shopping at Walmart and the first day it felt like I was in the christmas / holiday crowd. It seems I picked the wrong time to go shopping the first part of the month is the busiest time as many people get their checks and go shopping event the restaurants were full of people. I stayed over night at a local motel and the following day the crowds were gone. I got a lot on my list and still I didn’t get everything as Walmart either didn’t carry it or didn’t have it at the price I wanted. Also their garden center has not recovered from christmas yet so many garden things I wanted weren’t there.

I was pleased with the car or “Big Red” she did good on the road and the gas milage was very good somewhere around 15 mpg, for a big old car that isn’t bad. Big Red, is a 1997 Bravada by Olds mobile in her day she had some very nice features. I bought her new rear shocks today and will have my mechanic put them on next week or when he has the time.

How was it visiting the “Old Country”? Well, it is busy, lots of traffic, lots of people, the stores have a lot to look at and tempt you, I spoke as much spanish there as here-it was easier and fun. Lots of conveniences, at a price. I was glad to get back to my little house and garden.

So I’m back home in San Felipe, tomorrow is market day so I’ll be up early to go shopping at the saturday market …. yup shopping again 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A visit to the “Old Country”

  1. 1997 is not an old car. In fact, our newest vehicle is a ’97 – other than Gary’s 2004 motorcycle. Just kidding, the correct word is “classic”.

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