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An Interesting Evening So Far


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Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood P...

Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This afternoon/evening I was sitting here browsing the internet and making pithy comments on Facebook when suddenly I didn’t feel well. I was a bit nauseous my feet tingled and I was weak. I had to rush to the bathroom and after I still felt ill. I laid down and took one of my nitroglycerin tablets and waited I felt a little better so I got up and walked around I didn’t improve so I went to a neighbor’s house and asked them to take me to the clinic because I didn’t trust myself to drive.

I had a visit with the Dr. at the clinic and he gave me an exam and after he checked all my medications and noted I had diarrhea for two weeks he ordered an EKG. The EKG was the same as always a left branch blockage but otherwise normal. The doctor ordered an IV drip because my blood pressure was up and I had been taking a diuretic as well has having diarrhea so the chances are I was dehydrated. Once the nurse got the IV started, which with my dehydration didn’t make it easy to get the needle into my veins, my blood pressure came down from 140/80 to 123/68. I was released with orders to drink two ounces of electrolyte every four hours and come back for a blood test in the morning.

I feel much better and my mind is at ease knowing that I did the right thing going to see the doctor when I did instead of trying to wait the symptoms out. All the treatment and exam came to 2015 pesos or  $155. I can imagine what an emergency room visit would have cost in the States. What ever it costs I needed some medical care to avoid some serious problems and I got it.

The other part that pleased me is I conducted my business with the nurse totally in spanish! I started right off speaking spanish and we kept right on with it through out the whole event. I understood the directions and I made myself understood to her. I feel kind of proud of myself, after all the classes, books, tapes, tutoring I feel tonight I am making some progress. I still have a whole lot to learn and I may never be bilingual but I can, or will be able to communicate. :-)) This a real boost to my desire to learn the language and is not bad for the ego as well. I did talk to the doctor in english as my knowledge of medical terms in spanish is non-exsistant. I think I can fix that there are some books on spanish for EMTs that would help 🙂

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