Windy and chilly

Last night was very windy and chilly so glad to have my electric blanket although the sound of things thrashing about outside was annoying. The walk to the beach was challenging with a crisp wind early this morning.

I put the christmas lights back on I had not had them on since my kitty died. I just didn’t feel in the holiday spirit with her passing. The lights look pretty in the cold air and clear night.


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2 thoughts on “Windy and chilly

  1. Barbara goodman

    It’s been windy here in Ca. too, we even have snow on the hills behind our home.
    I agree it’s hard to get in the spirit when there’s a void in the heart, time my friend, time.
    Wishing you a peaceful night…..
    Wolfs n Paws,

    • Barbara, you are so right I feel so sad sometimes, I had to give away the food and dishes as every time I would see them I would get sad. My two fur pals are gone we had a good life together and now I must learn to move on. I may adopt some one later but right now is not the right time it is to soon.
      I wish you well during the holiday season and may your new year bring you happiness.

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