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I lost it :-(

Today I was walking down my street and saw some construction going on three lots from mine. I took a closer look and the workers were putting a footing for a wall in front of the lot that had been just sold. I noticed that the wall lined up perfectly with outside edge of the walls abutting it. So why was this of interest to me? Well, when I bought the rights to my lot and started building a house the camp owner made it a point to come to my construction site and with my builder measured my lot and the adjoining lots and he determined that the other lots encroached on the street and that mine had to be set back to the original line two feet less than the other lots. So at this time my lot is the only lot set back from the other lots. When I saw that the new owners were building out to the line made by the other owners wall lines that encroached on the road I was upset. So I went to the office and complained they called the camp owner and he said he would come and look at it.

Later today I checked and the owner had not visited the lot or contacted me so I “lost it”. I went over to his head office and told him “thank you so much for making me feel so welcome in your camp and for making me follow the rules but letting others do what they want”. I said “I felt as welcome as a hair in biscuit?, and I stormed out.

Later he came by and measured my lot again and determined my wall was set back just over a foot. He was pissed that I had stormed into his office and told him off. I turned it back on him how would he feel if this was him being told to obey rules and watching others not obey the same rules and my property comes up short. I also told him I told him how I felt and those were my feelings and I was entitled to express them. I also told him I didn’t care what others did as long as it didn’t effect me and when it did I wan’t going to just take it I was going express myself and let my feelings be known. I also told him about some of the newer owners building crappy shacks that lowered the value of our homes that people had invested a lot of time and money and this action of others lowered the value of their property.

I don’t know if anything will be done about this or not but I got to have my say and that is about all I will get out of this episode. I made sure he knew that I felt like I had been screwed over and didn’t like it.

I’m still pissed, I also told him I had obeyed laws and rules all my life and all I asked is that others obey them too. I know this sounds trivial to some, but there comes a time when you can’t take being used anymore and you have to stand up for yourself. Maybe I’ll get run off from here now …. well so be it!



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