My little fur baby is gone

It hurts so bad I can’t stand it. Pia, my darling little Siamese kitty, companion, fur child of twenty years is gone she passed away this morning at 0915hrs quietly sedated by the local vet as I petted and comforted her into the dark void of the beyond. We had traveled to many places and she had been my fur kid for so long. Few other relationships have lasted as long or been as pleasant as this one. I loved to hear her tiny bell tinkling as she strode along to investigate what I was doing or to check out something that sparked her feline curiosity. She loved to walk on me at night and then snuggle against me and purr that contented purr cats have when they are pleased.

Of late she had been in poor health having seizures and then recovering for a few days. I knew the end was near and I had to steel my nerves to take her to the vet’s office and do that which was only fair and stop the pain and struggle. She was one strong kitty and she didn’t want to go-maybe she wanted to chase one more butterfly in the garden, but it was time and I sent her on her way to peace and tranquility.

Now I sit and think of her and miss her so bad. She was the last of my fur kids and she is gone, no more Siamese meows, purrs or bell tinkling just dead silence……… All I have are sweet memories and tears.

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

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10 thoughts on “My little fur baby is gone

  1. Barbara Goodman

    Julia, I’m so sorry, first Shelby now Pia. Just keep in mind you were a great Mother to these two, they adored you, walks on the beach, new places to explore, lots of pats on the head and lots and lots of Love, they had great lives, they will be forever with you in your heart, ( I tell myself this everyday, missing my Labrador Elsa).
    Chin up girl !!!!
    Woofs N Paws,

  2. Bobby

    Julia, I am so sorry to hear about Pia. I know you do and will miss her so much. When I lost my first Italian Greyhound, I found that it helped to rescue another one. Pets become such loving family members and I am so glad that we can make their time on this earth a happy time.

  3. The Pain In Ass will be missed by all that knew her…

    • I am missing her right now …. I so want to hear her little bell as she comes down the hallway …. looking for treats or maybe me … sigh

  4. Julia, So sorry for your loss. I know how I would feel if I lost my cat Sasha. Pia is in heaven now, not in pain. It was wonderful to share there lives….. they love us unconditionally. Hope you pain lifts as the days go by. She and Shelby are together now.. There spirits will be all around you to comfort you.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss, and not long after your dog Shelby passed away. I am sure they both had a wonderful life with you.

    • Yes it is tough losing both so close to each other I miss them terribly ! They were a big part of my life for a very long time. The quiet is so sad …. and lonely 😦

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