Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Wells Fargo Stagecoach (Photo credit: www78)

I thought over my problems with Wells Fargo last night while in bed and this morning I called them back and a modicum of satisfaction. I figured it out somebody at Visa/Wells Fargo decided to automatically change the payment method on the credit cards to catch people unaware of the change so that when the automatic payment was sent to the checking account of the credit card owner there would be an over-draft; causing the generation of a fee for covering the overdraft and transferring money from savings, if there was any, or generating a fee for the over-draft freezing the account and causing mayhem for the account holder(s).

The sneaky bastards are generating new revenue by causing over-drafts by changing their policies and methods of paying their credit cards. Bastards!

I called them back and the service rep. couldn’t reverse the automatic payment, but could reverse a payment that I had made – so I had her do it. I wasn’t the most pleasant person she came across this morning but I wasn’t crude-just curt and to the point. I’ll make another payment later, around the first week of December. There are damn few things I get my way on, but paying bills and keeping the banks/credit card companies on the straight and narrow is one of the joys of my life. BASTARDS!

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