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I Hate Surprises

I was checking my Wells Fargo Accounts this evening and had an awful surprise ! The bank decided I needed to pay off my Visa account ! I don’t usually have a balance for more than a month on my Visa or any other credit card. This past month I bought tires for my RV and that I put on the card so I could pay over a couple of months and keep a higher balance in my other accounts ….WELL I guess not ! Somebody at Visa had other plans for my money!

I hate it when the Corporations make decisions for you and then say you did it to yourself. I just want to scream, yell and kick something – they screw over you and say “oh sorry …have nice evening!”

I’ll survive the this of course as I’m very cautious with my money … well not all that cautious or I wouldn’t have built a house in Mexico during a bad economy !

I think I’ll have a Cuba libre’ (rum and coke w/lime) maybe two ! 😉

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo (Photo credit: kenteegardin)

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