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A quiet Sunday

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I awoke with a purring kitty next to me; usually she wakes me up once the sun is up or she is hungry today she decided to wait till I got up. Then she did her usual bit of walking in front of me and meowing and looking back like saying “come on Mom feed me”. Of course she got what she wanted. I then made breakfast for myself today was waffles and coffee which I ate on the veranda. The sun was up and very bright so I sat in the shadow of one of the pillars and enjoyed my breakfast listening to the doves calling to each other – beginning of a nice day.

Of course even though it was sunday there were chores to do. I had a list of things to get done; wash the tile floors inside and out, water the plants move some plants around vacuum some rugs and clean up the kitchen including the stove. After doing all that I made lunch and took a break with kitty to give her some attention. Since Shelby died she has been staying very close to me often looking for attention at odd times of day. I think she misses her buddy Shelby and is afraid I’ll go away like Shelby.

This afternoon I have been thinking of ways to get more Spanish in my life. So I have reprogramed my television to only play the Latin channels so that I am forcing myself to listen to Spanish as much as possible. I may have found a new Spanish Instructor my first class will be monday we will see how that goes. I have to get back into the Spanish learning mode if I am going to become a resident of Mexico.

The lot next to me has been bought by a couple from California and they have made an RV pad and built a shed for their stuff. I guess the plan is to come here from time to time and build their house. They worked hard for three or four days putting in long hours improving their lot. I hope it all works out for them.

Next week looks interesting I’ll be going to Spanish class and I will be making appointments for my pedicure and massage, visiting the plant nursery so things are coming together here in San Felipe.

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