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Sunday Oct 28th

English: A Caesar cocktail made with Mott's Sp...

English: A Caesar cocktail made with Mott’s Spicy Clamato Caesar (premixed bottle), celery, celery salt rim, and ice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Another beautiful day in San Felipe Baja MX. My gardener lady showed up this morning and we had a long talk about the garden and what trees to plant so I will have shade on the north-west side of the house and the rain causing a flood problem. I also talked to her husband and he will help me plant the trees when I get them and he makes tables with mosaic tops and I’m going to have him make one for my house-custom made for my height so I can use it for food preparation as well as for eating and having coffee. I already have two lovely chairs for the table. We talked about the mosaic design something using the sun and moon and sparkly stones or grout to set it off. They will return tuesday and we’ll talk more about the table and plants.


I have already made one trip to the plant nursery in town to scout for plants. They have petunias in various colors and I will buy lots of those. I am looking for geraniums in various colors too, I love the bright colors and green fuzzy leaves. I would like many more plants and even some vines growing around the iron work to break up the starkness of  the black iron. I can hardly wait to get started collecting and planting the new additions.


I am watching an ant that strolled into the house, he/she looks like a scout looking for food I an wondering if I should get up and step on it , but it is interesting to watch it doing its search pattern and it isn’t bothering anything right now so I will leave it alone. Interesting what amuses me these days.


I have found that several people here have been following my blogs and have expressed their condolences over the loss of Shelby. There are many pet lovers here and they have in some cases several dogs and cats. So the bond between pet lovers and the loss of one of our dear pets is shared amongst us.


The ultra light aircraft are flying today; we have several people who fly these little planes and one of them gives rides. Maybe one day I will get up the courage to go up in one – that is if I don’t weigh to much 😦


Oh, I went to breakfast at the local camp restaurant and cantina and met other residents there and we all had brunch and “Caesars” a Caesar is a drink made with clamato juice vodka or gin if you prefer, with a salted rim and the usual celery stick and a slice or two of green lime. I like it better than a Bloody Mary. This drink was invented by a Canadian restauranteur and I started having them last year when some Canadians introduced me to the drink. Try it, it is a delicious drink-some Mexicans pour clamato juice into their beer for a refreshing drink. I think I’ll have one this afternoon with my lunch 🙂


I am slowly getting the house set up with the things I brought down from the “Old Country”. I hope to get the RV emptied out so I can give it a thorough cleaning, this going to take a while. I also have some repairs to be done here in Mexico.


It is evening now and it is a pleasant one with the sun setting and temperature slowly dropping into the evening levels that are pure comfort. My Canadian neighbors think it is hot here and I think it is perfect-it all depends on what your used too. I am looking forward to another pleasant night’s sleep.   






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