This trip

Has been a roller coaster first the trip north almost ended in disaster when my RV lost its brakes outside of Ensenada MX. Then after that I thought I had lost my kitty while staying over-night at a truck stop, then I lost the gas cap off the RV didn’t find that out till I got to Yuma. Once I got to Tucson things calmed down for a while and I got a good report from the doctors, but my dog Shelby got a bad report she had cancer. My Geo Tracker gave me fits with the starter and I had that replaced and still it gave me trouble so I had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor changed and still it gave me trouble. I then took it to a mechanic who tested everything and adjusted the timing and still it gave me trouble, darn thing. The mortgage I needed went to hell because of their stupid rules. I had to spend $2200 on tires for the RV and I found out I was very close to a blow-out on two of the old tires And if that wasn’t enough I had to have my dog Shelby put down because she was getting worse and I couldn’t bare to see her in pain.

I just don’t know what the hell next will happen it is almost like this is one of those stories on TV where they think up stuff for the characters to go through just to keep the audience in suspense. I think I have gone a little balmy in the brain as I talk to my dead dog every night at her grave, which was a chore for two men to dig in the night, I keep a light there all night (it is solar) what for? So she can find her way back? Gads I’ve lost it……

I need a rest from all of this, I need some tranquility and peace to let my old brain get back on track so it can figure things out and make some decisions about my life. My family here has been wonderfully supportive during all this up and down stuff spending time and energy helping me with my problems and putting up with my dramas. Sometimes I still break into tears over my dog she was a big part of my life now she is no more. I do have my kitty but she is old and getting problems too-I don’t know how much longer I will have her and she is a sweet kitty very loving.

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2 thoughts on “This trip

  1. Barbara goodman

    I hear ya girl, it seems we have lots in common, and not all good stuff, if only !!!
    I’m so sorry about Shelby, my Elsa had to be put down this last Wed., then we had her cremated yesterday, it’s all to much to deal with at times, when other things in your life are a mess, thru no fault of your own.
    Wish it would have worked out with the house for you, but maybe better things will come your way, (that’s what I’m wishing for myself), I’m usually a Debbie downer, but with the passing of my little girl I’m trying to think positive, and like a punch in the face I realized life is short, move on if anything doesn’t work for you, you deserve the best from life..
    Woods n Paws,

    • Yes Barbara, things seem to have piled up on me lately some how some way life has to turn around and get better. I hope life gets better quick for you too. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your Elsa, it is very hard to endure although we have to endure to honor their memory of us and the relationship we had with another living being. Still some days the tears still come easily, I hope that in time not so much with the tears but the happy memories of which there are so many….

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