It is always something

I went to start my GEO Tracker yesterday and it wouldn’t start. I did the usual jump the battery thing and then got smart and checked the battery with my multimeter and it was fully charged 12.7 volts. I called my Mechanic and he came to the house with another mechanic and they tried to start it and figured out it was the starter. So the two of them push started the vehicle and drove it over to their shop where they took off the starter and rebuilt it as it needed new brushes and bushings put it back on. Recharged the A/C and brought it back to my house for about 2300 pesos that’s $175.00. I was pleased with the service, door to door no less.

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4 thoughts on “It is always something

  1. No le Afloje,bcs,

    Sorry to hear that story, because to rebuild the starter should only be 600.pesos and how do you know that they even did the jod? I have lived in B.C.S. 16yrs and fluent in spanish.. Now it is realy hard or near impossiable to find a honest mechanic, anywhere in the world. ha ha …well I know there are 3 prices. (1)gringo price-(2) gringo that speaks spanish. (3) mexican price.. Now what do you think you paid ?

    • I feel I paid a modified Gringo price. Not like I had much choice this is a very small town and the two gringos that run a mechanic shop here are not to be trusted and yet they have tons of work and probably would’t get to my Geo for a couple of weeks then soak me for a new starter. I know I pay a gringo tax that is the price of being a “rich” gringo. I get cheated up north too, for being a woman so I’m used to being double dealed and lied to it goes with the territory.

  2. doug

    Remember, you’re a tall gringa that knows what a multimeter is.

    • I do, and the last time I used one professionally was, oh dear, forty-five years ago :O ! Dear me that is a long time ago!

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