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Preparing the M/S (Mothership) for a trip

I took the M/S to the repair shop yesterday to get more work done some of the parts have come in and the shop was able to take her in and get the work done. The fan for the A/C was replaced and the pan for the transmission was tightened up to help with the little leak there, the shop was unable to get a proper gasket for it here in Mexico so we will have to keep an eye on that problem and make sure we have transmission fluid kept up to the right level. It is a small leak, but it needs monitoring. I also had them hook up the tow vehicle and lights which had a problem. Seems that the tow bar had some oxidation (rust) on it and wasn’t making a good ground connection and lights weren’t working well. The mechanic thought that with driving it home the rust would wear enough to make the ground work and he was right-almost seems the wires are hooked up backwards as when I put on the left turn signal the right turn signal on the tow vehicle blinks and when I put the left turn signal on the right turn signal blinks. I think this is an easy fix-the plug at the rear of the M/S needs to be unplugged and reset to the correct pins at least I hope that is it I have another plug coming in the mail so I may wait and use the new plug.

The dash A/C works sort of, but with the big front and side windows and the sun shinning so brightly it is hard to tell if the A/C is working at optimum levels. The fan sure works nice 🙂

The local cell phone I bought here died on me yesterday. I have been trying to charge it but it won’t take a charge so it looks like I need a new phone of course I will end up with a new number and that will mean telling everyone that I gave my number to my new number if I can remember who I gave the number to…. it is always something :0

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