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Lunch Out Yesterday & The Mothership

Shuttle Vehicle and Mothership

Saturday I went to lunch with a neighbor, we went to a chinese restaurant in town. There are two chinese restaurants in our small town and our favorite is a small family run restaurant that is also a favorite of a lot of Mexicans. I like going there as the portions are always huge and that means I get take home enough for another meal or two and that makes this meal out a deal. Fortunately for me they have a vegetarian dish that tastes wonderful. It is always nice to eat out at a good restaurant.

Today I did a little maintenance on the RV; checked the house batteries and starting battery and added distilled water to them. The batteries needed water but weren’t so low they were damaged or anything. I checked the oil it was down about a half a quart so that can wait a while. I’ll be running the generator for an hour tomorrow. I’ll have to get some fuel for the RV soon as I am below a half a tank and that isn’t good as moisture can accumulate in the tank and cause all sorts of problems.

I’ll be talking to a local mechanic next week to get some things looked at on the RV/Mothership. My shift selector is hard to move for some reason it might need lubrication, the AC comes on and then goes go off waits awhile and comes on by its self so that needs looking into -then there is the light connection for the tow (shuttle vehicle), the connection on the Mothership is round and the wire connector for the shuttle is flat I have an adaptor but wouldn’t you know it doesn’t fit into the round receptacle correctly. I think the mechanic can work that out easily. I also have a overheating problem and most likely the thermostat needs replacement and or the radiator cleaned out. and we’ll be good to go for our trip north to the “Old Country”. Right now with all the heat in the “Old Country” I’m not to eager to leave my comfortable nest here in the Baja to suffer the vagaries of the weather there.

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