Water coming in the door

I was reading on the laptop and wanted to get a drink and when I stood up I noticed a huge puddle on the floor. At first I thought it was the air-conditioner sometime if the drain is plugged it leaks, but nothing was dripping from the air-conditioner. I opened the door and the floor outside was flooded with water too. I could hear water running so I followed the sound. The sound of running water led me to my hose bib where one of my hoses at split open and water was squirting out, hitting the side of the house then flowing down the porch and under the door to my living room. I turned the water off and started sweeping the water out of the house. What thing to happen the hose that split was the expensive hose not the cheap one …. go figure ?

Any how emergency is over just got to wait for the floor to dry and all will be well. One just never knows what is going to happen 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Water coming in the door

  1. doug

    A: Always leave the nozzle open to relieve the pressure of solar heated water in the hose. B: Cut out the split and buy an appropriate repair fitting. C: Enjoy.

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