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Busy day in San Felipe

I never thought I would be busy once I retired-was I ever wrong:) Today started early about 5:30 in the morning when “Mother” decided I had to get up and take care of business. I checked the weather and was surprised to note that it was cool outside (70). I got my breakfast of english muffin and tea and fed the fur kids. Once my stomach stopped complaining it was hungry I made the bed swept out the house and started watering the trees and bushes. I noted I was getting low on water again, I have been using an unusual amount of water because of the new plants and trees trying to get them established. However, several trees look in distress, something has attacked my bougainvillea bushes, a few days ago I borrowed some spray to defend the bushes and trees. When I saw my neighbor in her yard working on her garden I returned the spray and tools I borrowed. In this area during the summer we often get our gardening done as early as possible before the heat and humidity gets high.

I loaded the car with the RV towing parts to take to the garage to get the tow ball changed to the new towing apparatus and also loaded up the trash. I went inside to check my email had more tea and took a shower got dressed and got ready to take Shelby my lab to the vet for her appointment. On the way to the Vet’s I stopped and dropped off my trash and signed up for water delivery. The vet is in town and he doesn’t speak english to well and I don’t speak spanish to well but somehow we communicate. Shelby’s fatty tumor is looking better, but surgery at her age is risky so I am going to not do it . She has some new cream and we’ll see how it goes-the site of the tumor looks better, ugly but better.

I stopped at the vet store across the street  after the vet appointment and got kitty litter for the other fur kid and went to the pharmacy for some meds for Shelby. Then we went to the gasoline station for some fuel and headed to our house which is out of the village a few miles. Before going to the house I stopped at the market for a few things and then went to the garage to get that ball changed over on the towing rig.I talked with the mechanic about some things I needed looking after on the RV and made an appointment for next week to bring it in and have him look at it, nice having a mechanic in the neighborhood.

After the garage we went home unloaded Shelby, and stuff from the car and it was time for lunch. After lunch I was sleepy so I took a siesta for over an hour. I love retirement need a nap take a nap. After siesta time I got up did some light house work (the only kind I do) and got on-line to check my email and annoy people 🙂 Then it was time to feed the fur kids their dinner and think about what to have or where to have my dinner tonight. Tough life EH?

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