@#$#% Damn bugs, damn hackers :(

I have been bugged lately first someone hacked my email so I had to do damage control on that issue, then bugs almost destroyed my new plants that were doing so well and attacked a tree I just planted too. I had to resort to using bug spray to save the plants and tree. I don’t like using bug spray but if I didn’t they plants would surely die and they were doing so well. Hopefully the spray works and kills the &%$#@ damn bugs and the plants and trees come back strong. (sigh)

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2 thoughts on “@#$#% Damn bugs, damn hackers :(

  1. I hate it when I get hacked. Hope you have a good virus program. Make sure you change your password asap. I know how you feel about the bug spray. I try to go natural and its hard. I google the computer for natural remedies and usually find something you can make at home that has no chemicals and all natural. Try it,, I have been happy with this. Still doing the graduation thing,, another one tonight. Another muscial recital tomorrow and family reunion in Maine on Sunday. I am exhausted. All it does is rain, rain, and rain. I miss Florida and the sun!

  2. Yes, changed password and ran a security program for MACs to make sure there wasn’t something waiting to mess with me later. The security scan came back negative so I’m happy about that. Hopefully the bugs are gone, but you never know! They were busy little suckers in 24hrs the stripped my bougainvillea plants only a few leaves are left hopefully the plants can recover from this attack.

    Rain on occasion can be nice, but when you get lots of rain it can be depressing, just think what the winters are like with one storm after another dumping rain and snow all winter. I shiver at the thought!

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