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Beautiful Weather Here In San Felipe

The weather for the past week or so has been beautiful, as far as I am concerned, night time temperatures have been in the seventies and the daytime temperatures have been in the high eighties and low nineties with a gentle breeze, humidity in the 50% range. The sky is cloudless and the sunshine is bright. Sitting on my veranda is such a pleasure feeling the gentle breeze and hearing the doves coo to one another. My pets laze about without a care.

Yesterday I went to town to buy dog food, cat litter, trees and dirt. At the break of dawn I had gotten up and started digging holes for the trees and when I got home I planted the trees and gave them lots of water. My neighbor who has a fabulous garden advises me on what to plant and how much water the plants need. I sure was tired after digging and planting.

This morning I gave all the plants a lot of water especially the trees as the ground they went in was dry and I am sure the water is being sucked away from the roots by the dry soil. In reality there is no soil it is sand and has no nourishment to give the plants. I add soil that I buy at the nursery. That and plant food gives the plants some nourishment. The trees I planted are; one Algedon and two ficus both are supposed to grow here. It seems weird to plant a ficus outside and expect it to be a real tree, but such is done here and they are beautiful trees. The Algedon trees grow huge with time and water and their leaves are very large.

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