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Making Plans to go north

I am making plans to go north, how far north ? To Idaho eventually maybe all the way to Canada and then down to Idaho and back through Tucson and then return to San Felipe. I haven’t figured it all out yet. Just mulling over some ideas in my brain. I also have been thinking of an alternate route going up the coastal highway to the Canadian border and follow the border to Idaho and then south. Just kicking around some ideas for now. I have to get the RV ready it needs some things looked after so it goes into the shop in a few days. I also have to get my towing rig set up and working so it is safe and legal.

The idea of going up the coast of California sounds more interesting as I haven’t done that before and it should be an interesting trip. Or so I think. I ordered a part today for towing my GEO Tracker it might be here in a week or two. Once it is here I can hook up the Tracker and check the lights and see how it feels pulling with the RV. I also need new tires for the RV that’s going to be expensive 😦

We’ll see how it all works out.

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