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Time goes by

Purple bougainvilleas.

Purple bougainvilleas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been in Mexico since Thanksgiving (U.S.) which makes this my sixth month here. So far the longest time I have spent in Mexico. The Casa (house ) is still being built that has been an ongoing project since January. There are still things that have to be done to make the house livable; the men are working on laying the tile in the bathroom and the gas line is being put in today (maybe). The cabinets guys have been here and measured for both the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Red dirt has been delivered and spread over the patio area and now gravel has been delivered and it is being spread over the patio area. The reason for the both red dirt and gravel is so the gravel has a base to settle into other wise it would sink into the sand. I have planted 14 oleander plants to form a green screen to the east and block the view of some older trailers and give some privacy. I also planted four bougainvillea plants against the house and I hope they take in this sandy salty soil. I mixed in potting soil and a little red dirt so maybe that will be enough to give the bougainvilleas a chance to grow.

This is all the stuff that takes time, lots of time to do and these guys are in no rush to get things done. I am told that things are moving very fast that normally a house takes six months to year to build. So I putz around doing gardening things when I can, shopping for food, taking spanish lessons twice a week and once in while like yesterday I had a pedicure. I scour the local desert for decorative rocks to outline the flower beds and in general stay out of the way. The men don’t like it if I do stuff so I have been regulated to cheerleader.

The weather here has been great warm days and cooler nights light breezes with an occasional wind storm and dust. Over all it has been close to perfect. The hot weather is coming and the humidity, but for now I’m enjoying what I have as far as weather is concerned.

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