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The work continues on the Casa/Palace

I think this little house has gone beyond being a casita at this point and is a casa (house) and with the money I have spent on it I feel like I’m building a little palace. Actually a lot of the work could have been delayed and done piecemeal over the years. However my feeling is that it would cost me more as the price of labor and materials is growing and the cost of shipping is also going to go higher. So pay now or pay more later. I have a good builder now and his workers are doing a good job that should last a long time.

The water heater is in, the air-conditioners are installed and the tile work in the bedroom, living area and porch is almost done, windows are installed, the stairs to the roof garden are installed, the dirt for the yard is delivered and being spread out by manual labor, the roof got another coat of sealant, the tile for the bath arrived, the stove is here, the cabinets for the kitchen are on order, the doors are ready to be installed, most of the lights are installed and working. Slowly things are being done and the end is a lot closer now.

I was sitting up on my roof tonight watching the stars, it was a lovely warm night with a very light breeze some of my neighbors were enjoying the evening outside as well. It was very pleasant to sit and enjoy the evening and plan where I will plant some bushes and trees around the patio and house. I guess I am in full nest building role.

I talked with some neighbors earlier and several are planning their trips north for the summer-I have no idea how long I will stay, as the summer nears the temperature and humidity will rise and it won’t be so comfy as it is now.

Here are some photos of the dirt being delivered and dumped in the patio area. This is important as the base is mostly sand and this red dirt will add some nurishment to the garden and bring the level up so when it rains the rain water will be kept away from the house. How often is there a problem with that much rain water ? About once or twice a year we get a rogue thunder storm that dumps an inch or more of rain in an hour and the soil cannot absorb the water fast enough and it runs down the streets looking for a low place to flow into, so structures are elevated above the anticipated level of flowing rain water.

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