New Photos of My Mexican House

Here are some photos of my house being built in San Felipe Mexico. The work is coming along at a steady pace and an optimistic completion time frame is another month. Of course that is subject to change, this is Mexico after all. I can get on to the roof now and I call it the roof patio and I get a nice view of the Sea of Cortez from there and the mountains to the west of here. Have fun viewing the photos.

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4 thoughts on “New Photos of My Mexican House

  1. Sounds like it will be ready just in time for the warm weather…

    • Yes, it should be liveable in a month or so about the first week of April if all goes well. I am surprised and pleased how fast it is going up.

  2. Barbara Goodman

    I’ve followed you for about 3 to 4 months now, the Casita is coming along really nice, I can’t wait to see it finished and landscaped, very exciting for you to I bet !

    • Yes, I am surprised by the emotions that one goes through when building even a small house like mine…. it is an adventure.

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