All is progressing

well with the house. My internet at the house has not been working for a couple of days so I haven’t posted for a while-I will make a post this weekend and update the story on the house construction. So far I am very pleased with the construction and how it is working out, which is a great relief. Until later ……

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4 thoughts on “All is progressing

  1. I’m so very excited for you Julia!! I love reading about the progress. Your dream is materializing. 🙂

  2. Yes, it is exciting and the progress has been amazing to my neighbors too! In the past it has taken a long time to build a house and in such a short time mine has come a long ways, they wonder how I do it and besides luck I’m building in a recession there is little work for builders and their workers.

  3. Sandee and Phil

    love reading your blog- we are heading home Tuesday and I left the basil and mint with Bob for you- pick it ujp if you want it- if not Bob will give it to Kiki’s Mom!!!!!!!

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