Now at my new place

My rig parked on my new RV pad

Nice sunny day here in San Felipe as are most days here. I took a walk with my dog Shelby on the beach and today we found some blue sea glass to add to my collection.

I finally got my act together and moved to my new RV pad today. I had to tare myself away from the RV park as I was very comfortable there and the social atmosphere was very nice. I just felt it was time to move. I got help from fellow RV’rs to move my car while I drove my rig to Pete‘s Camp.

Last thursday the telephone company came out to my lot and after the man checked where he had to pull the wires from to my lot declared (I think ) that the distance was to far and he had to talk to someone about it and for me to check with the telephone office later. So the telephone and internet is on hold till they figure out how to get the phone line connected.

So far, everything works at the RV pad no problems.

The builder Mr. Pacheco and I have had several discussions in broken spanish and english about the casita I want built. From the neighbors they think he is a good person to do the work and they don’t have any complaints about him. Still not having a fluent ability in spanish I am concerned that we are talking about the same things that I want done and that the price is fair. I guess I’ll find out just how good he is when I give him some money. The work he has done so far is good and the people I told about the price thought it was a good price.

I am at the Camp restaurant using the local WiFi which seems to work better than at the RV camp I was living at before. Which is less frustrating than losing connection every few minutes. Hopefully this connection will stay strong and I will be able to use Skype better.


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