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I got my Visa :)

I was in town checking on the mail. I have been chasing a couple of packages that I know where here and found them , YEA, they were in a friend’s car as we share the same mail box and he picked them up and was looking for me, but I didn’t know he had already picked up the mail.

While I was in town I stopped by the place I got my pedicure the day before, it is a beauty salon and tattoo parlor in one sort of thing and they had a special on tattoos this month so I got some flowers tattooed on my lower right leg. After that I went and checked on my visa (FM-3/non-imigrant) and to my surprise it was ready, then I had to go to Mexican Immigration to actually have them make the visa card. Now I am legal for a year. I don’t have to leave and come back after six months and pay another fee and come back I can come and go when I want or need to until I renew next Nov/Dec. Also having the visa allows me to get my driver’s license and today I am supposed to meet with the lady I bought the car from to have her sign the bill of sale in spanish and get copies of her visa. Then it’s back to the DMV.

I tried using skype last night, however the connection wouldn’t stay up so after five or six interuptions Samantha and I gave up on the call. I need a better connection so at the new place I am getting a land line put in so I have to go to the Mexican telephone company for that and that may turn into an adventure also.

The weather has been nice and sunny, I would like it a little warmer and I am told that is coming so everything is fine here in San Felipe 🙂

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