Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

DMV (sigh)

So I finally got to go to the DMV here in San Felipe this afternoon and not surprising there is a problem(s) 1. they wanted the bill of sale in spanish, 2) they want a copy of the seller’s FM-3, 3) they won’t let me take the test or take over the car until my FM-3 is in hand. An FM-3 is a non-imigrant visa. I have applied for mine but it hasn’t been granted and issued yet. So the car paper work is on hold until then. So we have to get the items from the seller and may get that done on saturday.

I went out to the RV site/homesite today and we tested the water pump for function and leaks-it appears to work well. But the builder says he’ll check it in a few days for leaks as this can happen days later. I also went with him to look at other houses and of course the ones I like cost more money than I want to spend. We’ll discuss it more later maybe saturday. I don’t want to get too expensive on the other hand I want a cute little house.

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