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Construction story part 2

Thursday the builder Mr. Pacheco shows up and we go get the letter from the camp so we can take it to the Mexican electric company. We also go to the lot and measure and discuss what has to be done to make the lot ready for me to use with my RV. The we go to the electric company called by its letters here in Mexico, CFE. The tell us that he has to make the electric post ready for the meter and he has to take a photo of that and show them he has done the work. He tells me I don’t have to go with him again to CFE and they will include the price of installing the electric meter on my bill which will be eighty pesos ($6.50). Then we go look at a truck I heard about, more about that later.

Thursday evening Mr. Pacheco(the builder) shows up at my rig and shows me some parts out of the electric meter post and tells me that they all have to be replaced. The good news is that they don’t cost all that much just that it has to be done and adds to the bill. These things are to be expected. The bill for building supplies is $1600.00 so far. He told me that his workers have already started on the lot trimming some small trees and leveling the lot. He told me that he will be out of town friday and won’t be back till monday, good to know.

I have been in negotiations with a local mechanic for a car. He had a truck for sale but when I looked at it I found out it didn’t have brakes! He said if I bought the master brake cylinder he would put it on for me. How nice! I passed on the truck then he said he had an older SUV for sale from this elderly lady so we went to look at it. He had a problem starting the car as the battery was dead. So he got it started by using another battery and turning it upside down and connecting the terminals to make contact. I was surprised to see that being done and backed off! If he had made a mistake and contacted the wrong terminals there could be a big problem. We took it for a ride and even went to the Mexican DMV where he found out what is needed to transfer the car. At this point I haven’t met the actual owner and I having suspicious mind was getting nervous. Later I told him I would have to meet the owner and after a few calls back and forth that was arranged. Turns out the owner is quite frail and elderly; her friends take care of her and look out for her, but don’t want her to drive the big car anymore. She is so tiny she can barely see over the steering wheel. So, long story shorter, I buy the car now I need a Mexican driver’s license, for that I need a health certificate. I spend most of the morning running around looking for the place to get the certificate. When I do find the place it doesn’t have a sign and there is no examination just a form is filled out and I pay fee. That’s Mexico! So, now I have a car with Mexican plates no insurance, no Mexican license and I’m driving it around with this mechanic and none of the car papers are in either of our names! My neighbors tell me I’m a really getting into the local way of doing things as nothing is legal 😀 Next week I take the driver’s test in spanish with the mechanic as my interpreter ! OH boy this ought to be interesting ! I’ll tell you all about it ! Oh, the car is a 1997 Bravada sort of a big station wagon red, in spots. At least it doesn’t smoke ….yet 😀

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