New Year’s Eve 2011

Nice day here, last night got chilly this morning the sun came up over the horizon nice and red ready to warm up the day and it did its job rather well. All day long until the sun went down it was a lovely day sunny and warm. I had lunch in town with a fellow camper and we sat outside and ate lunch in San Felipe. I also got some shopping done and learned were the pet supply store was. I also found a doctor’s office. I got fresh tortillas at the tortilla factory hot off the press. I was shown were there was a donut shop which is nice just in case I should ever need one.

This evening there was an impromptu group that sat in front of my rig and chatted for and hour or so about San Felipe and fellow campers who used to come here and all the past shinanigans that went on during other New Year’s Eves. Although it is the big night so far it has been quiet that won’t last as the night wears on there will be lots of fireworks.

I finally hooked up my city water and tested my rig for leaks. I had been worried about doing that as when I have the on board pump on every twenty minutes or so it comes on for few seconds so somewhere it is losing pressure. I never saw a leak but the pump coming on made me think there was one. So far the city water has been on for hours and no leak 🙂  The hot water heater works on electricity now and there are no leaks in the pipes … great!

The photo up loader isn’t cooperating tonight. I’ll modify this post when it is and show you my latest photos.



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