Daily Archives: January 17, 2010

Stopped by the Cops

I was almost home and was driving through a check point manned by the state police,
when they pulled me over. I guess they were bored. Anyhow they asked for various documents for the car and don’t you know I couldn’t find the registration right off? I had it, I just couldn’t find it quickly. They wanted to know the names of my dogs and whether I was married or not etc. I know I mixed up my spanish on them several times. Finally they had all the documents they needed and gave them back to me and all is well. This is the biggest excitment of the day save one.
When I got home and parked the van and got out I noticed that my coolent was leaking, I may have a problem with something will have to keep an eye on it. Maybe take it to a mechanic and get it checked out.
The dogs and I had a great time walking on the beach and playing, a beautiful sunny day all morning and early afternoon. Now it has clouded over, still warm though and that is a relief.

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