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Christmas day trip

On christmas day we followed the coastal road out of Progresso for about an hour passing through smaller and smaller towns we finally turned around and headed back to Progresso. We had seen this little restaurant on our way out and on the way back we stopped and had lunch.

And it was a very nice lunch and it turns out the restaurant is large inside it could hold a very large group of people.

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How I spent christmas

We went to Progresso for a planned dinner with a large group of expats from the U.S., Canada and a few other countries. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, greenbeans and for dessert we had a choice of pies pumkin or pecan. Very nice dinner met some new people and got more information about living in that area from Linda she is on the right.
That night we spent at the hotel Izadora. In the morning we got up before dawn and went to take the dogs on a walk at the beach and the gate was locked so we had to wait till the man came to unlock the gate and let us out of the hotel. Gee one time we are kicked out of hotel and another we are locked in, T.I.M. this is Mexico to funny some times. We just waited with the dogs on the patio and when the man (Tony) came and let us out we went to the beach and let the dogs off leash so they could feel like real dogs for a change.

Yea, we can run !!!

Later we went to breakfast at another hotel and what a nice breakfast it was very nice, very peaceful.

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