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The weather has turned cool and cloudy for a few days with some rain showers. Between the dampness, gloom and cold it has not been comfortable. I am sure the weather will turn for the better soon. Sleeping with an electric blanket is to much like being in Texas for me.

Having never visited Merida before I am not familiar with a lot of things about the city and the Yucatan and most of what I do know is from the web and what I have read in books. The reality is that a city like this with over 700 thousand people can be overwhelming with its traffic and thousands of people on the streets. Compared to other cities it is very peaceful. Still it is a city with confusing street patterns and pollution.

One of the disapointing things so far has been the food. We have eaten the local Yucatacan food in restuarants claiming to be authentic and bought food in the market prepared for the locals and to me it is rather bland, no distinct flavor, no sparkle. I find it hard to remember what it does taste like. I have seen other people dig right in with gusto and wonder what they are finding so enjoyable. All the prepared meats done in the local style so far have been dry and tastless. The local version of tamales steamed mesa in banana leaves has two varieties one is bitter and the other is bland. I prefer the northen style of tamales, I don’t think the corn husk makes that much difference, it is what is inside that makes the difference.

Speaking of restuarants most here are chain restuarants both Mexican and North American and the main ingrediant in the Mexican dishes here is cheese. There is hardly a dish with out cheese. If you are lactose intolerant your in trouble as cheese is used in everything even sushi, yes sushi ! Thay have sushi in Walmart and you can clearly see cheese in it. I think that the local cooks feel cheese gives the dish a little more flavor, but cream cheese in sushi is not improving anything.

I guess I got spoiled while in San Miguel Allende, the variety of restuarants is outstanding and the local dishes are full of flavor.

Seems we are having trouble with our wireless server so I am going to take it back to the internet/cable provider and try and get another one. Maybe it just needs a little adjustment.

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