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We got thrown out

Of a hotel. Here is the story we decided to go to Playa del Carmen for a couple of days and see the beach etc. Samantha got a reservation over the internet with an inexpensive hotel in the central part of town. It was a long drive there on some very good toll roads. We knew going in that they didn’t accept pets, but we had come across this before with Holiday Inn and we had kept the dogs in our van over night going out to check on them several times during the night to make sure there were no problems, so we didn’t think this would be a problem with this place doing the same thing. When we got there to the hotel there was this guy there and he was kind of odd but we got checked in and went to check on the room. The room was much, much smaller than it looked on the internet and the bed was not very big at all. We thought we could make do with the situation for one night and decided to stay. When we came back with our bags the same guy was upset that we would leave the dogs in the van overnight he thought that was in humane. Crap, I felt like staying in the van after seeing the room myself I would have had more room to sleep sharing with two dogs!!! So he told us we couldn’t have the room after our signing in and using a credit card. Samantha was upset and I was too. We did get two possible addresses of other hotels who might help us, but one wouldn’t accept pets the other was to creepy looking to ask. So we went back to Merida, a long drive in the dark going through military check points and police check points then trying to find our house in the dark coming from another direction.
When we got home we found that the electricity was off, so there was a scramble to find the curcuit breakers I got half the house lights on but the upper half and kitchen wasn’t working. So back outside I go looking for more breakers. I found breakers on the patio wall and flipped them on and off several times, suddenly there was lights in the upstairs rooms an kitchen. However more trouble loomed as Samantha’s bedroom door had slammed shut and locked its self. The key in the door did not unlock it. Turns out that key fits another lock and there is no key for this door. In desperation Samanatha broke the door in to get into her room.
Then we tried to us the internet, no connection, thinking that it might be the internet service provider’s problem we left it for morning. In the morning we tried several ways to connect to the service and couldn’t do it. We have our own wireless router so we replace the one from the service provider and it worked! So we have another chore to do and that is to get the router replace at the service provider’s office this week. Enough all ready with the problems.

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